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“durrrr” Has $1.75 Million Lead over Antonius After 33,242 Hands

Tom “Judi Online” Dwan continues to extend his lead over Patrik Antonius in the “durrrr Challenge”, and is currently up about $1.75 million after 33,242 hands.

“durrrr” won an additional $342k in a short 364 hand session earlier today, extending his nearly insurmountable lead in the challenge. With this most recent session, Dwan has now opened up the largest lead that either player has enjoyed in the challenge.

With just 16,758 hand remaining in the “challenge”, Antonius is quickly running out of time to catch “durrrr”.

Dwan can conceivably be caught over 16k+ hands, but he can certainly make it a great deal more difficult on Antonius by playing more conservatively. Antonius will need to average over $104 in profit per hand over the remaining 16,758 hands just to catch up to “durrrr”. This seems like a pretty tall order, especially given the fact that “durrrr” has all of the momentum right now. Antonius will first have to reverse the momentum and then start hammering away at Dwan’s advantage over the remaining 16,000 hands.

Dwan has basically had the lead in the “challenge” for the past 15,000 hands or so. About 18,000 hands into the challenge, Dwan was able to erase the $500k lead that Antonius had, and it has been pretty much smooth sailing for “durrrr” ever since.

As you are likely aware, Antonius will need to cough up $500,000 to “durrrr” if he loses this challenge. This is in addition to any losses that Antonius sustains throughout the course of the challenge.

If Antonius can somehow catch “durrrr” and win the challenge, then Dwan will need to pay $1.5 million to Antonius.

It should be interesting to see what happens over the rest of the challenge. Will Antonius give up and try to buy his way out of the bet? Will he dramatically increase his aggressiveness in an attempt to build up even bigger pots? Will Dwan slam on the breaks and play ultra-conservative poker throughout the rest of the challenge?

The “durrrr Challenge” is not over yet, but Antonius needs to make a move, and soon.

Bitcoin Plunges Shortly Following Bilzerian’s Announcement on Instagram

On Wednesday afternoon, Dan Bilzerian proclaimed to his millions of Instagram followers that he had just bought a “sh*tload” of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin, which is the world’s most popular Situs Poker Online, has gone absolutely berserk over the past month due to a number of different factors. One month ago you could buy a single Bitcoin for approximately $1,250 USD – earlier this week, the price soared to roughly $2,800 USD.

On Wednesday afternoon (around when Bilzerian said he bought his coins), a single Bitcoin would have cost you about $2,500 USD. Shortly after Bilzerian made his big Bitcoin purchase, the cryptocurrency added another $300 in value.

Things quickly reversed, however, and Bitcoin quickly lost roughly $800/coin in value.

As of this moment, a single Bitcoin will cost you around $2,150 USD.

A number of publications, including, picked up on Bilzerian’s big buy, with many wondering if his purchase signalled the top of the Bitcoin bubble.

Bilzerian, who claims to have made his fortune playing in private Hollywood cash games, has now plunged headfirst into the Bitcoin speculation market, which he says is like “betting a bunch of money on the Super Bowl”.

Microsoft’s Duo Creator Explains: Why Two Screens?

The long-awaited Surface Duo is finally going on sale. Microsoft’s dual-screen Android phone and Iphone Cases goes on pre-order today for a hefty $1,399, with a plan to appear in computer stores and at AT&T on September 10.

Microsoft has been teasing the Duo since October 2019. The final version of the phablet runs Android 10 on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and has two 1,800-by-1,350, 5.6-inch screens that can bend into nearly any configuration on a 360-degree hinge, including a book, a laptop, a table tent, or a large phone.

Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, said Microsoft tested the hinge to “millions of cycles” because “the product has to feel the same year three as it does day one.” If the Samsung Galaxy Fold debacle is anything to go by, that’s a wise idea on LG Cases.
Closed, the Duo measures 5.70 by 3.67 by 0.40 inches (HWD). Opened, it’s only 0.18-inch thick, but it doesn’t sound like it’s fragile, as the hinge bends all the way back and the screen is covered in Gorilla Glass.

The Duo has 6GB of RAM, either 128GB or 256GB of storage, and a 3,577mAh battery that promises 15.5 hours of video playback.

Panay played up how the dual screens create different physical windows so you can do two things at once, rather than just opening the Duo up into a big tablet.

Cara Mudah Basmi Rayap yang Membandel Dan Dijamin Ampuh

Rayap merupakan serangga hama yang paling menyebalkan karena kehadirannya yang sangat merugikan para pemilik rumah, perlu untuk kita mengetahui cara membasmi rayap dengan anti rayap bali, Serangga ini seringkali merusak berbagai macam perabot rumah tangga terutama yang berbahan dasar kayu. Akibatnya dapat menimbulkan kerugian baik secara ekonomi maupun eksentrik. Rayap masih memiliki hubungan kekerabatan dengan semut, dan serangga ini pun termasuk hewan sosial. Dengan hubungan kekerabatan tersebut, rayap juga membangun koloni seperti semut yang terdiri dari ratu rayap hingga rayap pekerja. Dalam satu hari, ratu rayap dapat menghasilkan hingga 30 ribu telur rayap. Itulah sebabnya mengapa jumlah sangat banyak. Makanan utama dari rayap tidak lain adalah selulosa kayu serta makanan lain seperti sabut kelapa, kertas, kulit tanaman, hingga bahan tekstil.
Keberadaannya sangat sulit untuk diketahui karena mereka biasanya membuat sarang di tempat-tempat yang sulit untuk dijangkau. Kita juga baru dapat mendeteksinya setelah mendapati bekas-bekas kerusakan yang ditimbulkan akibat gigitan rayap tersebut. Kerusakan tersebut tentunya sangat mengganggu, bahkan mereka tidak akan berhenti makan dalam waktu 24 jam 7 hari sehingga dapat merusak elemen-elemen kayu.

Berikut ini beberapa kerugian yang ditimbulkan oleh rayap.

Menyebabkan Keroposnya Kayu
Kayu yang telah digerogoti oleh koloni rayap akan menjadi rapuh karena tidak mampu menopang beban di atasnya, akibatnya, kayu tersebut dapat roboh. Terlebih lagi jika yang digerogoti adalah bagian pondasi rumah, maka akan sangat sulit untuk mengantisipasinya.

Merobohkan Plafon Rumah
Rata-rata plafon biasanya berbahan dasar kayu. Apabila rayap telah menggerogoti suatu plafon, maka akan terlihat bekas yang terlihat sangat jelas. Plafon dengan bahan kayu yang tipis dapat habis dan menyisakan ruang pada langit-langit yang tak terlindungi. Bisa dibayangkan hal apakah yang dapat terjadi jika langit-langit tersebut habis dimakan oleh rayap?

Merusak Arsip dan Dokumen
Benda-benda berbahan kertas juga tak luput menjadi santapan lezat bagi rayap. Bagaimanapun juga, bahan utama pembuat kertas adalah kayu. Terlebih lagi jika dokumen tersebut disimpan di tempat yang cenderung lembap dan tak tersentuh cahaya matahari. Hal ini merupakan tempat favorit bagi rayap. Mereka akan membangun sarang dan kemudian menggerogti arsip dan dokumen penting anda hingga habis dan lenyap tak bersisa.

Dapat Menimbulkan Korsleting Listrik
Yang paling berbahaya dari gigitan rayap ini adalah ketika mereka sudah menggerogoti bagian vital seperti aliran listrik. Tidak menutup kemungkinan jika kabel-kabel serta barang elektronik lain dapat menjadi objek rayap berikutnya. Selain menyebabkan kerusakan pada barang elektronik, gigitan rayap pada kabel dapat menyebabkan korsleting listrik dan berakhir pada peristiwa kebakaran.

Health Benefits Of Listening Music Daily

Some Health Benefits Of Listening Music

Some Health Benefits Of Listening Music

Listening to music may have become a daily activity for some people, especially young people. But some people still think music is just a form of art that is used for fun. Though music can provide health benefits to the human body and soul. As a universal language, music can have a positive effect on the body, both physically and mentally such as if you come and visit in music mastering. Music has various health benefits, not just entertainment. By listening to music, your body can relax and feel happier. So do not underestimate the power of music, because listening is beneficial for physical health and mind.

Relieve Stress

The benefits of listening to music first is that it can reduce stress and improve mood. If you listen to music every afternoon or when you work on the line, psychological conditions become better. In addition, listening to your favorite music will help you to be more calm and can also help improve mood. You are calmer and less disturbing stress can be reduced. Music can divert your energy from anger to happiness with the help of different genres. Try listening to music, which makes your mood more beautiful.

Affects Brain Waves

According to a medical study, music produces sound vibrations that can stimulate your brain waves. This depends on the vibration in the music. His speed will affect your vigilance.

Good For Heart Health

The benefits of listening to music hereafter are good for heart health. Research has found a link between a healthy heart and music listening habits. Research reveals that people who listen to cheerful music have a smoother blood flow of up to 26%. But if they listen to sad music, blood flow will decrease by 6%.

Strengthen Memory

Based on research, music can be used to improve children’s brain abilities. Participants who took music classes were known to have better grades on memory tests than participants who did not listen to music.

That was some health benefits of listening music. Based on the discussion above, now you should listening music during your free time. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this content, and see you.

Something other than money related misfortune, the social effect of betting can’t be thought little of

The UK government is reflecting on an audit of the guidelines on fixed chances wagering terminals generally found in bars and wagering shops, so as to diminish the danger of issue betting creating.

In light of a report from the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, this would see the greatest stake speculators can wager on the machines diminished from £300 every moment to somewhere in the range of £2 and £50.

Given that the Gambling Commission, the business controller, discovered 43% of individuals who utilize the machines are either issue or in danger players, whatever as resistance Labor MP Tom Watson, have portrayed this as “a wasted chance”. Pundits accept the recommendations don’t go far enough to shield individuals from fixed chances wagering terminals, in some cases portrayed as “the rocks of betting” because of their addictive nature.

Hurtful betting can have devastating money related and social consequences for the card shark, their loved ones. In the main national investigation of the social effect of destructive betting in Ireland, we inspected how it influenced recuperating card sharks, their families and companions. We additionally heard stories from instructors and the individuals who offer types of assistance to support players. Conversing with individuals from varying backgrounds, from various age gatherings and distinctive monetary foundations, we found that a typical subject was the staggering social impacts betting had on individuals’ lives.

Dalam permainan poker pada situs daftar situs judi slot online, setiap pemain harus bisa menciptakan kombinasi kartu terbaik agar bisa menang. Untuk bisa menciptakan kombinasi kartu terbaik iti, anda perlu memainkan beberapa kartu tangan. Pada proses ini, anda jangan sembarang memainkan kartu tangan terlalu banyak.

Specifically, we discovered that card sharks were frequently presented to betting at poker, for instance by gathering wagering continues for a relative, or watching grown-ups put down wagers. This at that point drove them to take an interest in betting before the legitimate age of 18.

Card sharks revealed betting stealthily, separating themselves from loved ones to take care of their dependence. As connections crumbled, the speculator’s conduct would possibly be found when they were not, at this point ready to keep up a twofold life, for example, neglecting to capture unpaid bills that had been a piece of attempting to keep up an exterior of typicality. The accessibility of advances, for example, cell phones, implies that it’s conceivable to cover a mystery betting propensity for a considerable length of time, before monetary and passionate emergencies arrive at limit.

For youngsters, such innovation intensifies the expected mischief of betting. The members in our investigations much of the time discussed their anxiety for youngsters and their danger of habit because of the accessibility of betting applications and sites effectively available from their cell phones. And keeping in mind that there is probably deal to avoid offering fixed chances wagering terminals in Ireland, a few card sharks detailed that they experienced got themselves into difficulty utilizing them.

Running It Twice In Poker

The first occasion when I caught wind of “running it twice” was viewing a scene of High Stakes Poker. Two players consented to run numerous waterway cards and out of nowhere there were two streams rather than one, pots getting slashed, and a lot of energy around the table agen idn poker.

I didn’t comprehend it at that point, however the choice to run it on numerous occasions is a phenomenal expansion to poker. To start, how about we answer the consuming inquiry:

What Is Running It Twice?

At the point when two players are holding nothing back and consent to “run it twice”, the rest of the board will get managed twice. A large portion of the pot will get granted to the player who wins the main board, and the other portion of the pot goes to the player who wins the subsequent board. So a player could lose the two sheets and leave with none of the pot, win 1/lose 1 and get half of the pot, or win the two loads up and scoop the whole pot.

Running it twice requires every one of the three things:

The poker room permits players to run it on numerous occasions

Every single included player are holding nothing back

All players consent to run it twice

Running it twice isn’t an alternative in all poker rooms nor on all poker destinations, so make certain to ask the floor (or check your site’s guidelines) before hopping into the activity. In select spots, you might have the option to run it much something other than twice (three, four, and so forth times) – yet these are the exemptions NOT the standard.

To get further into this, either continue perusing or push play and I’ll separate it further.

Run It 2X Example

Take a model where you get it holding nothing back on the turn versus one player and you both consent to run it twice. What occurs straightaway?

Two streams will be managed.

Half of the pot is granted to the player who wins the main stream. The other portion of the pot is granted to the player who wins the subsequent stream.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you both get it holding nothing back on the tumble and choose to run it twice, you would bargain two diverse turn and waterway runouts. Note that you don’t rearrange cards over into the deck anytime while running different loads up.