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The Most Important Tool for Navigating Uncertainty

It’s important to focus on your agen poker customers, the features required to attract and retain them, and your team during tough times.
For many, the COVID-19 crisis evokes memories of the 2008 recession, when entrepreneurs – myself included – learned how to handle turbulence the hard way.

At the time, I was leading a small, early-stage company that hadn’t raised much funding yet, and our term sheet had been pulled. As a lean team, we hunkered down, concentrated on the elements of our business that mattered most, and discovered that having limited resources breeds critical thinking and creativity. Ultimately, we pivoted our product strategy and made the decision to go to market with only 10% of what we had originally planned. It was painful to give up some of our more aspirational visions, and we weren’t sure if it was the right decision, but we were scrappy, and we survived.

To be clear, this is not 2008. Present circumstances are different than they were back then, mainly in that we are facing levels of uncertainty that no one has ever seen before. In 2008, we knew it would be tough to move forward, but we had a general idea of how to bounce back, and how long it would take to do so.

Today, it’s difficult to build any kind of strategy when the timeline for economic recovery is this much of a question mark. Any good business leader knows how to be decisive under pressure. But now, CEOs and founders are in uncharted territory, without any of the data they usually rely on to make those decisions. The best thing they can do is exercise an abundance of caution and make conservative choices.

Rebound Strategies to Help Your Business Overcome Crisis

The effects of the pandemic have seemingly left no business untouched over these past several months. Even my company, despite being labeled an “agen bola sbobet business,” was not spared.

Just a few short months ago, our weekly earnings took a massive 41% hit as a result of nationwide shutdowns. You could say I was a little worried. OK, a lot worried. But today, I count myself as fortunate – our sales and leads have already returned to normal.

By the end of July, we were officially back in the black for the year and had made up all the losses that left us reeling earlier this year. We’re now on track to be 10% up in revenue over last year. The speed of our rebound has shocked even me – we actually had the highest-grossing May in my company’s history, and this summer (usually a slow season for us) has been the best one yet. June was our second-highest month in our history.

And the best part? I never furloughed or laid off any of my staff. To be clear, I’m not bragging. I have some previous experience with navigating a financial crisis (the one we went through in 2008), and that experience came in handy once it became clear that most of the country was going to shut down. The strategies I learned in 2008 were put to the test during the pandemic’s rise, and applying them resulted in a much quicker bounce back this time around.

Although the pandemic is still looming over us, I’m confident that what I learned will help your business survive as well. Today, I’m here to share these strategies with you.

1. Maintain your marketing budget and outflow as long as you reasonably can.
This move is, without a doubt, the defining factor that kept my company going strong, even in the most abysmal circumstances: We refused to cut even a penny from our marketing budget for the duration of the nationwide mandated closures. I stand by this 100%. Maintaining your marketing efforts during an economic slump is crucial to your business’s recovery.

That said, I know it might not be feasible to continue spending money on marketing. But keep in mind that there are always other avenues to free up cash flow outside of cutting your marketing budget. For example, I decided to speak with my vendors directly and negotiate debt and repayment terms with them instead of slashing my ad budget. I knew that by maintaining my marketing, I would have no trouble paying them back in the near future. They agreed that I was a good bet and could be trusted to pay back my debt as soon as I was able.

I’ve been down this road before, circa 2008. When the housing bubble burst and I lost 46% of my clients overnight, and then the overall economy slipped into a recession, I was worried. I reached out to experts, who recommended that I cut my marketing budget. I went against my gut instinct and complied.

Initially, we thought this was a great play. Our losses in 2008 were limited to $150,000 overall. But by 2009, the true cost became clear: We ended the year down $5 million, and I was close to losing my business for good. I tuned back in to my gut and overcorrected the marketing budget, and we were able to bounce back.

Now that you know this isn’t my first rodeo, I hope you understand why, this time around, there was zero chance I was touching my marketing budget. I realize that, as you look at your current outgoings, it may be tempting to eliminate marketing. But please don’t make the same mistakes I did. Time and time again, marketing has proven to be a critical business investment, not a simple opportunity to grow.

However, I realize that finances are stretched thin right now. So let’s see what else we can focus on to get things rolling again.

2. Ramp up communication efforts that signal value to incite loyalty in your client base.
In times of economic turbulence, people take reassurance in open and useful communication. This is something that your business can easily tap into. All you have to do is put on your “helpful member of the community” hat and take off your “please buy my product or services” hat.

Opening up lines of communication with prospects and customers (basically, everyone in your database) has a few benefits. First, it keeps your business top of mind. It also reassures them that your business is alive and well and capable of servicing them, should the need arise. Most importantly, you’ll build goodwill and affinity with potential customers by being genuinely helpful and thoughtful in your communications. If they can’t become your customer right then and there, they will certainly keep you in mind down the road.

How to Learn From Your Failures On Top Business

While discussing inventions of 388hero, Thomas Edison’s associate, Walter S. Mallory, once said to him, “Isn’t it a shame that with the tremendous amount of work you have done you haven’t been able to get any results?”

Edison responded, with a smile, “Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results! I know several thousand things that won’t work.”

People see success as positive and failure as a negative. Edison’s quote shows that failure isn’t a bad thing. You can learn, grow and evolve from your past mistakes. In business, failure is an all too common occurrence. After all, nine out of 10 small businesses will fail.

That statistic may make you uneasy, but it’s one worth knowing. Failing once, twice, or even hundreds of times doesn’t mean you’ve hit the end of the road – it means you’ve taken another turn, and you’re one step closer to success. As you go through life and encounter failures, you’ll learn valuable life lessons from those mistakes.

The goal today is to help you learn from your failures and become a more successful and productive individual and entrepreneur.

What is failure?
At its most basic definition, failure is a lack of success. For businesses, failure can take on many shapes and forms. Failure could mean you were unable to land a big sale or refer to a marketing campaign that never got the results you were looking for. You can also fail in your hiring practices or training opportunities.

However, it can also refer to your business as a whole. A business failure occurs when a company shuts down after consistently being unable to turn a profit. However, it is important to note that not all company closures are failures. If a company owner closes a profitable company to pursue different career opportunities, if the business was always intended to be temporary or the business owner dies or retires, the business is likely not closing due to failure.

How to learn from your failures
Rarely in the business world is there success without failure. As you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, you’re going to fail. It’s often said that failure doesn’t stop people, it’s how people handle failure that stops them. When you encounter failure, tackle it head on and learn from your mistakes. Realize that every idea that pops up in your mind isn’t going to work. Take the time to organize your thoughts after a failure and realize what you did wrong. Above all else, be willing to learn and grow.

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